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 Medications, prescription drug information, Cheap Prescription Drugs search and pharmacy locator (24 hr pharmacies) for consumers and medical health professionals. Find the most popular drugs and their side effects, interactions, and use. Prescription drug prices in the United States have been among the highest in the world. The high cost of prescription drugs became a major topic of discussion in the new millennium, leading up to the U.S. health care reform debate of 2009, and received renewed attention in 2015. High prices have been attributed to monopolies given to manufacturers by the government and a lack of ability for organizations to negotiate prices

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 Robust negotiations between RxCut pharmaceutical companies result in significant discounts. According to a recent study from the Berkeley Research Group, more than a third of the list price for brand medicines is rebated back to payers and the supply chain. However, unlike care received at an in-network hospital or physician’s office, negotiated discounts for medicines are not shared with patients with high deductibles or coinsurance. A new analysis from Amundsen Consulting, a division of QuintilesIMS, found more than half of commercially insured patients’ out-of-pocket spending for brand medicines is based on the full list price. The data also show cost sharing for nearly one in five brand prescriptions is based on the list price. It is a problem that more and more Americans are being asked by their insurers to pay cost sharing based on undiscounted list prices, even though insurers may be receiving significant rebates. Providing access to discounted prices at the point-of-sale could dramatically lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs by using the RX Cut Discount Card

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 Our free discount card is a convenient way for you to save money and afford your prescription drugs at any major pharmacy nationwide. Sign up for free. Save up to 80% on the prescriptions you need. Earn cash rewards. Protect your prescription savings and refills. Get lower costs at the pharmacy. Drugs could cost as much as 10 times more at one retailer vs. another. We’re not talking about regional differences; we found big variations at retailers in the same area. For example, where Debbie Diljak lives in Raleigh, N.C., the cost for a month’s worth of the generic Cymbalta she takes ranged from $249 at a Walgreens to $43 at Costco. (At Walgreens, the pharmacist did suggest using the store’s discount program to lower the price to $220, but it comes with a $20 annual fee.) See more examples in the map below. Similar patterns emerged across the U.S. In Dallas, a shopper was quoted a price of $150 for generic Plavix at a centrally located CVS. But Preston Village Pharmacy, an independent just a 20-minute drive away, said it would sell the drug for just $23. In Denver, the grocery store Albertson’s Save-On said its price for generic Actos was $330, but nearby Cherry Creek Pharmacy said it would sell it for just $15. For the variety of prices we found, see the search tool.